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Australia is a great place to do business. People wanting to start a business or invest in Australia can do so with the right visa.

Visas within this category are designed to attract applicants to Australia who have the skills to enhance the Australian economy. The rationale for this visa category is to:

  • Develop links with international markets;
  • Facilitate the creation or maintenance of employment in Australia;
  • Increase the export of Australian goods and services;
  • Increase the manufacture of goods or provision of services in Australia which would otherwise need to be imported;
  • Introduce new technology;
  • Increase commercial activity and competitiveness.

Those who apply for and are granted business visas are involved in a two-step process. The process starts with the granting of a provisional visa, which is followed by a permanent visa if the applicant meets ongoing obligations. This process applies to all business visa applicants except for applicants for the Subclass 132 Business Talent visa, who, once approved, will be granted permanent residence. As you would expect, the criteria for this visa are significantly more stringent than for the provisional visas.

People who may be eligible for a Business Skills visa include:

  • Successful business people who own or part-own a business or businesses;
  • Senior executives of major businesses who can utilise their skills to establish or be involved in a business activity in Australia;
  • Successful business people or investors who would prefer to invest substantial sums into Government-backed funds for fixed period of four years;
  • Certain business people who have established successful businesses while in Australia and are the holders of qualifying visas.

With the business visa application, it is a requirement for the applicant to submit a detailed business proposal and demonstrate that they have sufficient assets to settle in Australia.